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Body-Based Counseling & Psychotherapy

Helping You Find Greater Freedom

Alison Dearborn Boulder Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor

Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner

MA, Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Mental Health Counseling 


Meet Alison Dearborn


I am trained in Somatic Experiencing,™a body-based therapy for healing adverse developmental issues brought on by traumatic events, helping to restore a sense of safety and freedom-of-choice in individuals of all walks of life. I blend other psychotherapeutic interventions including Gestalt, attachment theory, and transpersonal psychology.


Having experienced the healing power of Somatic Experiencing™ first hand, I know how important it is to access the body's wisdom when healing the psychology of the whole person.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Meet Alison
My Approach

My Approach

Adverse childhood experiences and shock can be stored in our bodies and in our unconscious/subconscious minds, driving our behaviors and affecting our natural impulses that allow us to thrive. I weave together many modalities to help you heal, including...

Boulder Colorado Somatic Therapy

Somatic Experiencing™ (SE) is a body-centered approach to the resolution and healing of trauma developed by Dr. Peter Levine. When we have experienced a shock to our nervous system, whether through accidents, surgeries, childbirth, or ongoing developmental abuse or neglect, etc. our bodies become dysregulated. The natural human fight/flight/freeze mechanisms we all have, can get locked in activation mode making it difficult to live life with freedom and choice. SE also incorporates touch work, if needed, to allow for release of trapped activating energy, restoring self-regulation to the nervous system. I was trained through the Somatic Experiencing Institute in Boulder, CO. For more information:

Boulder Colorado Transpersonal Therapy
Transpersonal Therapy

My training at Naropa University and my ongoing curiosity about the nature of reality has supported my work on a transpersonal level. “Transpersonal" means beyond the personal. It is a holistic approach to psychotherapy that emphasizes the many diverse aspects of being a human on Planet Earth. It is focused on our social, emotional, physical, creative, and intellectual needs with an emphasis on the role that spirituality plays in our overall healing. The cultivation of self-awareness, openness, and honesty, both in the client and the therapist, are the cornerstones of transpersonal therapy. Transpersonal therapy can heal depression, anxiety, phobias, addictions, and other behavioral disturbances as well as enhance meaning and purpose in our lives.

Boulder Colorado Relational Attachment Therapy

One of the most important “interventions" I use as a psychotherapist is collaboration with my clients. I’m a client-centered counselor with reverence for everyone's innate ability to heal from adverse experiences. The client/therapist relationship is invariably the most important part of the work. I meet my clients wherever they are on their journey and work with what is arising in the present moment with curiosity, compassion, and creativity. I strive to build relationships based on attachment theory and emphasize the importance of attachment repair.
Who I Work With

Who I Work With

Watercolor Succulent

My clients seek freedom from out-dated mental and bodily reactions derived from their past experiences and/or traumatic events. They want their choice restored when making decisions, for cultivating and sustaining relationships, and in creating a meaningful life.

My therapeutic focus is on trauma and PTSD, emotional disturbances, and life transitions.

If you are experiencing behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, codependency, grief, or the stress of COVID-19, body-based psychotherapy may be a solution.

I offer teletherapy as well as in-person sessions for residents of Colorado. 

Succulent Therapy

Work with Me at my Boulder Office or via Teletherapy

255 Canyon Blvd. Suite 300-H Boulder, CO 80302


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Alison Dearborn Somatic Therapist

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Alison Dearborn Somatic Experiencing
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